Help with the Title of the movie

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for this particular western movie for awhile now. I only remember this particular scene from the movie where the hero slaps a guy and then sticks his gun up real quick. He does that real fast in quick succession, sometimes just holding two fingers up instead of a gun confusing the guy. I dont quite remember the build up of the scene.

I must’ve been 10yrs old when i first saw that movie and after another 15yrs i’m on the look out for that movie. I’ve been renting a lot of western movies but still no luck :(. So if any of you guys could help with the title of the movie. I can look for something specific. I will really appreciate any help… Thanks :).

I’m not really sure about it but I think that sounds a littlte bit like ‘Trinity is still my name’ featuring Terence Hill (aka Mario Girotti) and Bud Spencer !!!

Could also be one of the other Spencer/Hill movies or ‘My name is Nobody’ !!!

Check those out ! They’re comedies though ! I think pretty good ones !!!

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It’s probably one of the “Trinity” movies.
I can’t remember if Hill does any of his quick drawing in “Nobody” ???. Maybe he does… ::slight_smile:

I will try to check those movies. I thought the scene would be a very famous one. But thats probably not to be. Thanks for all the help guys. if anyone comes across that particular scene, it would be a great help to keep me updated. Thanks a lot.

Actually it is a very famous scene !!!

It’s definitely one of the ‘Trinity’ movies with Hill/Spencer !!!

yes agreed, definately a Trinity film.

Terrence Hill in My Name Is Nobody if he does it in a saloon after a drinking game involving a lot of broken glasses! Check out Shobary’s site and have a look at the screen caps of Nobody in the reviews section. Otherwise it’s the Trinity film.

Trinity Is Still My Name:
(Right picture)

(Just realised I need to update my Trinity screengrabs)

It could be the saloon scene in ‘My Name is Nobody’, too.