Help with the name of a film?

(wildybeastie) #1

New to the site. Just recently started watching spags after liking them as a kid. Whats the name of the film where a bloke strikes his match on various people and stange places like a sniggering blokes teeth and a hanging mans boots?

(cigar joe) #2

The Mercenary, That was Franco Nero doing the striking.

(Raph_Alv) #3

Well, I´m new on the site too. Just use the same topic for asking about “Onkel Toms Hütte (1965)” aka Cento dollari d’odio (Italy). Is it a western or just drama ???
Merry Xmas !!!

(Sebastian) #4

well it is probably the adaptation of the popular novel. and since it takes place in the united states before the civil war, you “might” call it a western, but i wouldn’t go that far, as it probably lacks all elements of a western movie, if you’ve ever read the novel

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(Silence) #5

I think it’s ‘The Mercenary’.