Help with a movie (coffin/cross scene)

Hi all,

when I was a kid, I saw a movie, which might not even be SW, but it had the feel of it. It was very good (at the time I thought so). The scene I remember is of a stranger coming into a town with a cross or coffin, or both, and on the cross is a name of someone from that town and the date of birth and date of death, and the date of death was that day. So he would gun down the person. He was on some kind of mission of revenge… Anyone know the name?

It’s Django the Bastard.


Yup, Django the Bastard (aka The Stranger’s Gundown) (Garrone, 1969).



Great! Thank you guys so much for the quick response. I should have known it would be one of Djangos if it involves crosses/coffins! I will try to watch it over the weekend

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