Help to find a film

(lorbob) #1

hi all :slight_smile:

i want to do a database of sw films or western in general, but i have a problem to find the title of this film

i think is a sw film anyone know it

thank you

(Sebastian) #2

What do you mean by doing a database? :wink:

(lorbob) #3

a list of film that i want to find :slight_smile:

(JonathanCorbett) #4

Sure, it’s El sabor de la venganza (1971) by Alberto Mariscal, known in Italy as Occhio per occhio dente per dente sei fregato Cobra.

For future requests we have a specific section here :wink:,18.0.html

(lorbob) #5

thank you :slight_smile:


Does anyone know anything about this?