Help required naming a film

I am hoping a member on here will be able to identify a film I saw some years ago.
Basically the one scene I remember involves Mexican soldiers rounding up the womenfolk from a village and then each soldier selects a woman. Later as they take each of their ladies to bed, the good guys break in and shoot them (pants down). One room the good guys break into has two soldiers in the room only and one room the Mexican lady waits so long for the soldier to fold his clothes neatly, she shoots him herself.

Any ideas? Have searched internet with no luck.


I’m sure I’ve seen this film too, the scene sounds really familiar but i can’t remember which film it is. Do you think it was a italian western or could it be american production?

I think it was Italian, I seem to remember there was a spate of Spaghetti Westerns on BBC2, Trinity is my name etc. rather than just the Clint Eastwood films. I think it was from then, but memory is sketchy.

I think Ive just found it El Condor, I thought there was a coloured Cowboy in it as the main star, unfortunately I purchased 100 rifles thinking that may be it. The correct actor Jim Brown , just the wrong film.

Soldiers were French not Mexican.

Thanks for your help.