Help please :)

I stumbled onto this site while I was looking for a movie, I just can’t figure out what it’s called, and ain’t havin much luck through google :slight_smile:

The movie is western style of course, I believe it is a bit more modern, not old type of western. It has siblings in it, I don’t really remember how many or if they were all men or not. Well, the youngest I believe, was living in this town where he was caught by the local sheriff, who of course charged him for crimes he didn’t commit, he was as innocent as can be. It was his brother they were after, I don’t really know what crimes he commited, but they thought he’d come if he heard about them having his little brother.

Well, the youngest brother ended up being killed, I think he was whipped to death or something, it’s all a big blurr. But I remember the movie being really good, and I really wish to watch it again :slight_smile: His older brother was waiting out in some mountain rage during the time, and before the time of his younger brothers death, and there were other people with him to, I believe another brother, and a girl too, but I’m not sure.

Does any of this sound familiar to anyone? I might have gotten a few things wrong, it’s hard trying to piece my memory together :slight_smile:

In the end I think the rest of the siblings got mad and kind of took revenge on the town, or the people who killed his brother or so.

And thank you ahead of time ^^

Sounds to me almost exactly like The Proposition, with Guy Pierce and Ray Winstone.

It’s The Propositon. The comment about the other brother waiting at the mountains makes me sure.


Ha, yes that’s it :slight_smile: thank you