Help Needed - Trying to find out the name of a film

Hey all,

I’m trying to track down a film that I saw some years ago.

The main character is a guitar player who winds up in a frontier town. My recollections of the rest of the film are quite sketchy, as I was only about 12 at the time I saw it. However do remember the climax at the end of the film involving a shoot-out (don’t they all?) and the guitar player opening his case, and instead of a guitar being there, there is a machine gun in its place, which he subsequently uses to mow down the bad guys.

Stylistcially, I’m pretty sure it’s a spaghetti western ie. it was an Italian production, although I can’t be sure. I think it was made in the late 60’s/early 70’s and the setting of the film is a shabby looking frontier town. Two things that stuck in my mind about this film are the weather, which seems to be permanantly overcast and gloomy, and the muddiness of the town itself.

Any assistance that you could offer me in my quest to find out more about this movie would be very welcome.

I know that it is a fantastic film, and although my knowledge of spaghetti western’s is limited, I would say that is probably considered a classic of the genre, due to the sheer quality of the film-making.

All I can think of is El Mariachi from 1992

No it’s not the Robert Rodriguez film unfortunately. Thanks for replying though.

Sounds like Django but instead of a coffin a guitar case…

There is a movie called Trinity Plus the Clown and a Guitar but I haven’t seen it myself. And it’s a comedy western.

Coulb be Sabata, William Berger + his banjo:

Howabout “The Fastest Guitar Alive” (1967) with Roy Orbison. His guitar is also a rifle.