Help Me Recall This Film

There’s this movie I’m looking for. I don’t know if it was a Hollywood Western or a European one. There was a scene in a wooden shack, and it had a man forced to stand on a stool with a rope around his neck, but then he was shot dead and hanged at the same time. I remember you only saw his legs as this was happening. Since then I’ve only seen characters in Westerns survive this sort of thing.

I think in The Guns of Fort Petticoat was such a scene. Not sure if it was exactly that way, but it was a bit an unusual scene for a 50s western
Otherwise a rather forgettable western, but it is the kind of scenes people always think that only the Spagies brought them to the US western, while it was actually the other way round.

I think that was the one.

It may have been forgettable, but it had a satisfyingly large and diverse cast of tough and capable women, which is more than I’ve seen in more recent movies.


Actually women were never as tough and capable as in recent films. It is only now that women are with the same implicitness the I-can-do-everything heroes of spectacular action films.

I watched recently only a few scenes of this old western, but I can’t remember that in this scenes was one woman who was different from the usual role cliches of the 50s. Before I watched it in the early 80s without much enthusiasm.

I thought they were pretty cool. For their time, anyway.

Maybe, I will try to re-watch it completely.

Anyway, about that scene. It wasn’t how I remembered it. Or maybe some other western had a similar scene in it. I don’t know.