Help me find this film! When i was a child!

Hi there,

Was just wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of the title of a movie ive been looking for over the past 15 years!

Unfortuantely my memory is very hazy regarding most of the details, ive literally searched hundred of movies looking for what im after but no success.

The only memory of the film is that the main character has a stash of cash/stolen goods hidden on a cliff side. At some point in the movie he scales the cliff to hide/retrieve things from there.

I think the last scene may involve him at the top of the cliff.

Thats all the info i can provide unfortunately! please if anyone has any idea please reply. thanks!

Too vague for me to recall. 2 Glenn Ford films come to mind. The Green Glove, about lost jewels hidden in a French church in the Alps… and The White Tower, where they’re searching for a lost route to the top of a mountain…

Thanks for the reply! Let me add that it is definitely based in America, in the mid west/desert. From what i can recall, the main character is a robber, who would scale the side of the mountain/cliff and have a hideout, leave his loot/cash.

Ive been trying to find this film for atleast 15 years so any help is appreciated!

It is not a western?

Yes definitely a western. 8 watched with a grand parent at an early age and
have been trying to find it again ever since :frowning: