Help identifying western I saw over 40 years ago

When I was a nipper and we were on a foreign holiday- Italy in 1973 - I was taken to the cinema by my dad who wanted to see a spaghetti western in Italy having seen the first two Dollars films at the cinema in the UK and really liked them. We saw a film which I think must have been in Italian which none of us understood but I think we all got the gist of the movie.

I can remember very little about it except the main character was some kind of renegade US army sergeant. I think he had blonde hair and looked a bit like Peter Lee Lawrence and maybe it was him (although I didn’t know who PLL was back then). The scene I do remember was that towards the end he carried a flaming torch and was setting fire to various buildings. His sidekick was a Corporal. There were Indians in it too and I think they got rid of the bad sergeant.

Does this limited description ring a bell with anyone?