Help Identifying Voice Actors

Hi all SW lovers out there,

I’m not sure how well this’ll stick as a regular topic of discussion, but I’ve always been curious about voice actors who dubbed the actors who didn’t speak Italian or Italian actors who’s own voices weren’t right for the characters they played. I think this thread will be helpful as sometimes the IMDb doesn’t list the dubbers and sometimes the Italian Wikipedia doesn’t either.

I’ll start off with if anyone knows who dubbed German-Austrian actor Gerard Herter in La Resa dei Conti. His dubber isn’t listed in the IMDb or the Italian Wikipedia entry of the film and I’m pretty certain he only spoke German.

This same question goes to Robert Woods dubbers in Black Jack and Starblack.

I must admit to be being largely clueless in this department and would love to know more.

A tough row to hoe: Gérard Herter plays an Austrian officer (reportedly modeled on Vienna-born director Erich von Stroheim), but he was German, born in Stuttgart. My guess is that he dubbed himself in his role as Baron von Schulenberg. This assumption seems to be supported by the fact that Herter’s Italian Wikipedia entry lists many of his doppiatori but none for the character of Schulenberg. I don’t think, though, that he originally spoke his lines in Italian on set, rather in English, maybe in German. In any case, Schulenberg speaks with a noticeable accent, could be German, could be French. Unfortunately, we can’t compare Schulenberg’s Italian voice with his German voice, as he was almost completely cut out of the German theatrical version of La resa dei conti, Der Gehetzte der Sierra Madre (“the hunted of the Sierra Madre”).

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