Help find movie title

(gbooth) #1

I watched this one years back and can’t remember much but one scene where this guy shoots a leather strap off the neck of a girl. This movie was hilarious. Anyone know the title. Please help!

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #2

That sounds like one of the stranger movies I can’t seem to remember which one.

Either “A Stranger in town” or “The Stranger returns”

I remember one of the bad guys shooting shoulder strap of the dress this girl is wearing and her dress nearly falls down.

I could be wrong though

(Stanton) #3

This particular scene is in The Stranger Returns.

(korano) #4

Not sure if it was leather but, it might have been the Stranger Returns. Dan Vadis shoots the straps off a girls gown.

(gbooth) #5

no, that isn’t it, but thanks for your suggestions. If I remember correctly he had her prisoner and was leading her through the desert, then he eventually lets her go and shoots the strap off around her neck and her hands.