Help end a 18-year search!

(Owl) #1

Ive been searching for a movie I saw as a kid on a spanish channel. The film is about a man whose family gets killed by bandits when traveling by wagon. The man is left for dead but is found by a sort of scientist or blacksmith who revives him. The blacksmith/scientist character gives the main character an ARM ATTACHMENT WITH GEARS

(Owl) #2

… the arm attachment restores the man’s maimed arm, but the man decides to use it to learn to shoot and get revenge. HELP!!!

(Pacificador) #3

Wow, don’t know what it is but it sounds pretty interesting!

(Silence) #4

The only movie I’ve heard of where a man loses his hand is Fasthand is Still My Name but it has a different story.

(django live) #5

shit this movie sounds like is a mexican produced western. very interested in seeking this one out!

(Owl) #6

Hello everyone! I’ve been away for a longtime, but I have yet to find this film. I still see it in my head, and yes, since this post back in 09, I’ve not come any closer. If you guys do hear anything, and drop a line, I’ll be on hear mighty quick, unlike before. Still searching and keeping hope to see it again. Thanks all!

(Jonny Powers) #7

May it be the same movie as in this thread, Bloody Marlene?,3536.0.html

(Ralph) #8

(Sebastian) #9

Just to check in once more, whether you have found it by now?