Help end a 18-year search!

Ive been searching for a movie I saw as a kid on a spanish channel. The film is about a man whose family gets killed by bandits when traveling by wagon. The man is left for dead but is found by a sort of scientist or blacksmith who revives him. The blacksmith/scientist character gives the main character an ARM ATTACHMENT WITH GEARS

… the arm attachment restores the man’s maimed arm, but the man decides to use it to learn to shoot and get revenge. HELP!!!

Wow, don’t know what it is but it sounds pretty interesting!

The only movie I’ve heard of where a man loses his hand is Fasthand is Still My Name but it has a different story.

shit this movie sounds like is a mexican produced western. very interested in seeking this one out!

Hello everyone! I’ve been away for a longtime, but I have yet to find this film. I still see it in my head, and yes, since this post back in 09, I’ve not come any closer. If you guys do hear anything, and drop a line, I’ll be on hear mighty quick, unlike before. Still searching and keeping hope to see it again. Thanks all!

May it be the same movie as in this thread, Bloody Marlene?,3536.0.html

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Just to check in once more, whether you have found it by now?