Hello from Spain

Hi All

My name is Tony , I live in Agost

It was the film set location for Return of the magnificent seven in 1966

this year will be the 50th anniversary if the film

Cheers Tonyenter set location info

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Welcome, amigo! Stick around!

Hola Amigo

Thanks for the welcome

Bienvenidos amigo

Hola Sebastian

From the dry dusty Wild West Pueblo of Agost near Alicante

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Hi Tony and welcome to the forum.The backdrop behind the building you show is exactly the same as here in East Granada and Almeria province Spain… You could be just the man we,re looking for and key to a mystery. I,m Pedro and live just the other side of Freila/Zujar railway station Granada province
So many spaghetti western railway scenes between here and Guadix and beyond. Some folk gave the impression that they could not recollect seeing a bell tower but looking back again today on google images/old photos for sure a bell tower was in THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN. I started to doubt myself lol.
The chances are it was built and gone donkys years ago but its a Mystery.
Maybe if you have time you can go to the hogar pensionista and talk to some of the old boys or even the Ayuntamiento and maybe just maybe someone will give you a lead…If you look back at my own topic that was started others but not many share the mystery… Good luck… Pedro

Hello Pedro ,

Thanks for the welcome ! I took trip down your way at end of last year and visited Tabernas and Fort Bravo, had a great time !

I Really would have liked to visit Cortijo del fraile, and the village of Agua Caliante from A Few Dollars More , but didnt have the time .

Well here in Agost there were 2 Mexican village sets ( long gone now , such a shame as it would have been great for tourism ) but one of the Pueblos did have a bell tower

Many of the older people have good memory’s of the Filming and I believe Yul Brynner helped raise money to build a new school in the village

http://www.seven-in-alicante.com/ for set info

Cheers Tony

Hi Tony. Well thats a pretty good could be. Do you have a photo or image of the other village… In the mean time we need to look at back drop shots of the tower and maybe the other mexican village if available… cheers Pedro…Glad you enjoyed your trip here… Ref cortijo del Fraile i climbed into the top tower approx 5 years ago…But now there is a fence all the way around there. I borrowed lol 3 tiles from the church/chapel as it is all in ruins …

Hi Pedro , remember that photo is from The return of the Magnificent seven , I believe the first film was shot in the USA , so the set and back drop may be different .

Check out the link I sent it has photos of both sets

Thats a good souvenir you got from cortijo del Fraile , I think its had some renovation work recently ,

Have you ever watched A Fist Full of Travellers Cheques , its so funny , also features cortijo del Fraile.

Cheers Tony

Would be nice to see cortijo restored for history of the film industry back then…Keep up the good work. Pedro