Hellbound Pistolero (2015, Harm Siegel)


Feeling pretty awesome after editing together the first scene for my upcoming, spaghetti style, Western short. And we’re not talking Leone quality. Or any other Sergio, for that matter. The spirit of Demofilo Fidani lives through me, and I sincerely hope my work will make your eyes bleed.

Protagonist Joe blows up another bad guy with a stick of dynamite. A most explosive and bloody affair!
(there will be no good guys in this movie)

The scene will be uploaded to YouTube tomorrow evening for your viewing pleasure, I still have to add sound effects to the thing, which I will get to in the morning.

Runtime Scene 1: 2min2sec

Shot in snowy Flaine (France), in between skiing and drinking beer. The Great Silence this ain’t. Although I did use shaving cream for snow in one particular take 8)

I figure this will be a 10 - 20 min short. Second scene has been written, and will feature Zorro and a hilarious prop. And of course Zorro will get killed by Joe.

Poster art I already finished a long time ago, so Hellbound Pistolero this is.

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Here it is:

1080p recommended

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I thought of a few films as watching. Do love westerns with a snow landscape. When the building was blew up I thought of Cut Throats Nine especially with the snow in the landscape. Look forward to the next scene.

haha! Great clip, I believe that mouse cursor is there on purpose. :smiley:

Thanks, guys. Hehe, 21st century Fidani.

The explosion was a bit too much, but then again, an explosion is never too much.

Sorry about the cursor :wink:

Next scene will be a bit better quality wise, but it’ll be more bizarre.

Very surrealistic stuff, the explosion some how, made go back to Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner, I really love those comics

I used the 8mm filter to disguise all the shitty looking things. I think it actually kinda works.

The shed got blown to pieces, but the guy’s corpse came out pretty much clean looking. Except for the severed hand of course. I named him Ferguson, by the way. He is played by my dad.

As Bill San Antinio had an eagle eye, I wonder if he spotted my dad wearing a Homeland Security tshirt underneath the white dress shirt. It’s noticeable when he’s lying there dead.