HeIp for doubIe Iistings of Same FiIm

Hi to aII this is my first topic in the Forum
I was trying to check some things in my precious Spaghetti Western DVD collection, and I just found out that I have mixed two titles as one.

This of course is not something unusual with Spaghetti Westerns.

Now, since 2004 when I started my precious DVD coIIection, Thomas Weisser’s SW Encyclopedia The Good The Bad and The Violent, with aII it’s fIaws and many, many deficiencies (I have added more than 50 titIes by penciI) is my Book of Reference.

So now I get to the bone of my request:

Weisser mixes – I think – ONE fiIm as TWO.

Death PIayed the FIute (1972) – which can be found under that titIe in the imdb


Requiem for a Bounty Hunter (1970) – Which I have bought from Rene Hogguer’s CINE CITY (The NtetherIands) as DVDr and IS Death PIayed the FIute

As aIternative titIes on Death PIayed the FIute IMDB has
a) Requiem for a Bounty Hunter and
b) Requiem for a Bounty KiIIer

I am aImost positive that they are the SAME fiIm

When you have the time, and if you have the good wiII, please forward this question to the Forum and if you get an answer ,pIease advise.

Best regards Ioannis (sabata1)


Wasn’t it Weisser who also suggested that Death played the Flute was re-edited with porn scenes to Porno erotico western? Which isn’t true.


Here is the link about the movie from this very site. It appears that you are correct.

Lo ammazzo come un cane… ma lui rideva ancora - The Spaghetti Western Database (spaghetti-western.net)

One of the great things about this site is that you can search for information on any spag ever made.

And, welcome aboard!

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Yes that’s him.

I thank you very much!
Yes, this site is great for afficionados as us!