Have a Good Funeral, My Friend… Sartana Will Pay DVD

Gosh, I just registered here and I’m already soliciting help, how shameful! Hehe, well, this is how it goes, I’m a big fan of the movie “Have a Good Funeral, My Friend… Sartana Will Pay”, it’s by far my favourite Sartana, and I’m looking to buy a DVD of it. I guess the easiest way to obtain it is to buy one of those cheap box sets, but the problem is, I’m looking to buy an edition of the film that looks good and that has the Italian audio track (honestly, them Sartana flick are just better in Italian and I can’t stand Franco Pesce’s dubbed voice). So this leaves just one option, the Spanish DVD (and no, I don’t care about the lack of subs, I’ll burn it on my computer and add my own if I must). Except, there is very little information about this version on the net and I’m a bit hesitant to spend 20 something Euros without knowing a tad more about it.

Supposedly, the DVD has the original aspect ratio of 2,35:1 and a running time of 95 minutes. The original running time is 96 minutes, is it cut or does it last something like 95 minutes and 35 seconds and they decided not to round it up? A Fistful of DVDs states that it might be the same print as the X-Rated kult DVD, but this one runs 92-93 minutes. Is this PAL speedup thing making this confusing or something? Does anybody knows?

And just how much is cut in the X-Rated kult DVD? The German link that offers a comparison seems to indicate that it’s only cut of a few seconds compared the German TV broadcast.

I’ll try to contact the guy at 800 spaghetti westerns (anybody knows proper Spanish? I can read a little, but I can’t write without Google Translate) because I think he reviewed the movie using the Spanish DVD. Worse comes to worst, I’ll just freaking buy the flick and tell you about it. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

PS: Hi there, I’m new!

I guess the X-rated one is uncut, but it only contains German and English dub.

The X-rated disc is cut (according to some sources :wink: ), unfortunately I have forgot the details. :stuck_out_tongue: There is a small bit missing at the end and probably was something elsewhere as well. Unfortunately I never wrote them down on my site because I’m an idiot.
The 96 minutes is supposed to be the film length (according to some sources)? The X-Rated is in PAL but converted into film or ntsc it will go a bit over 96minutes.

As for the Spanish disc, I own it and I probably checked it years ago to see that it matched the X-Rated one as far as length goes. For some reason I haven’t updated any of the details back then. And it is possible that the Spanish disc either had the same German computer generated title replacing the Italian one (like the X-Rated disc had) or it was in Italian making me think X-Rated had just copied the disc and replaced the title with their German one.

Unfortunately I don’t have Spanish disc here to check and it might be a week probably two before I can get it.

Wow, that was quick!

The German comparison site that is in the “Link” section of the movie’s database page shows that the X-Rated kult DVD has a shorter version of the beating that the undertaker takes and that one line of dialogue from the Sheriff is cut, for a total of 10 seconds or so (plus the more abrupt ending), do you think there is more cuts than just that?

And if I understand correctly, the running time for the German cut version, when converted into NTSC, corresponds to the official length? So it could be cut of only a few seconds, meaning that the German TV broadcast is probably completely uncut!? Could the Spanish DVD have the few seconds that are cut? I can always hope (or if it’s only cut of those 10 seconds, it’s no big deal)! And I sure hope it has the original Italian title, because the new German one is ugly as sin, haha!

Oh, and are any of the cheap-o American DVDs uncut?

I guess that the Spanish DVD is still my best option and since the release of a better DVD anytime soon seems rather unlikely, I think I’ll go ahead and buy it.

Thanks a lot for the help!

There are two releases. The X-Rated-DVD is uncut except of a few seconds missing at the end, the Best Entertainment-DVD is the cut one. If I am not mistaken, the German TV broadcast is cut, and the DVD is not.

Ahh! Seems you’re right, I thought it was the other way around, but the screenshots of the cut scenes don’t have the television logo and are of better quality than the other TV broadcast pictures. How did I mix this up! So as far as we know the X-rated kult DVD is uncut except for the few seconds at the end? Or at least it’s the most complete of releases along with the Spanish one.

Exactly! But no italian audio track…

Thank you for your help!

Well, I guess I’ll just go ahead and buy the Spanish DVD, hoping it’s the same print as the X-Rated kult one, hoping it’s uncut. Anybody knows how’s the print on the “Sartana Saga: Spaghetti Western Bible 2” box set? Like which title do they use at the beginning, how does it ends, is it cut, etc.

Oh, and if anybody has anymore information, please let us know!