Hatfields & McCoys (Kevin Reynolds, 2012)

Just finished watching this three part mini series about two warring families, the heads of each played superbly by Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton. Powers Boothe plays Costner’s older Judge brother and Tom Berenger was fantastic in his role of the ruthless Uncle Jim.

Anyone else watched it?

No not watched this, but what a great cast !

Friend told me about this series and recommended it but I haven’t got around to get it yet.

Never heard of it. Who directed it?

Kevin Reynolds, apparently

Haven’t watched it yet, but looks like a mustsee

This miniseries was great, actually. Directed by long-time Kevin Costner collaborator Kevin Reynolds, it is the ultimate film depiction of the legendary Hatfields and McCoys and does justice to their story that no other film has done quite as well. All around great acting, and full of suspense, but the main drawback that I’ve heard critics guffaw at is the point of the movie. While this was originally aired on the History Channel, I would imagine their main intent was to realistically tell the story, but critics say that they weren’t saying anything meaningful about the feud and losing sight of the cause of the whole mess. Regardless, it was highly entertaining. And for some reason they shot the movie (set in Virginia, USA) in eastern Europe, but you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. It is really long, so I’d recommend breaking it up into the three episodes when watching, unless you can handle watching 5+ hours worth of a movie in one sitting.

So it’s a Eurowestern? Stick it in the database! ;D

I thought it was very good indeed; tried to watch it in one big block, ended up watching it in two blocks. Really should have bought it by now, in fact I might have a root around Amazon now while I’m thinking about it.

No, it’s an US western shot in Europe. Like some others.

I know, Stanton. I was joking, mate. Hence the = ;D. Dear oh dear. Honestly Stanters, if the SWDb was the Starship Enterprise, you’d be half Vulcan, half Klingon, half misery-guts.

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Stanton in Almeria, yesterday

If it was shot in Europe, it can go in.

There seem to be a few modern westerns that were shot in Romania. I’m curious if I missed any.
I put Dead in Tombstone and High Plains Invaders in the database myself. The latter is actually not bad, bought the American DVD a while ago.

I watched this with my Father when it aired. Both of us greatly enjoyed it (and I’m not much of a Costner fan). I’d easily recommend it.