Hated Hat Thread

Hats have been mentioned round here in some threads, but I think it’s time for the hats to face the judge!

Hats make the man! If the hat doesn’t fit or suit the man, the gunslinger has no chance to win my heart!

My top two worst hats belong to:

Yul Brunner in Indio Black (too high and too buckled)

Jeffrey Hunter in Find a Place To Die (tooooooo small)

Which hats do you hate?

You really should see Quattro carogne a Malopasso - i’ve never seen so many bad, funny looking hats in one movie. I will try to post some screenshots soon

Do that, man! Sounds interesting!

Had a look at in on youtube. You’re right, alk0.

One of the mexicans in Kid Vengeance have got a really stupid looking hat. It’s very high and almost doesn’t have a brim.

Never been keen on alot of John Wayne hats…to big for me.

I grew up with his hats, so they’re no problem for me.

I generally disrespect most of the hats in the German Karl May westerns. They just look like from toys 'r us.

I hate Ringo’s first cavalry hat in Return of Ringo. The one at the end is much better. Not a huge fan of Terence Hill’s holey hat in Nobody. The jury is still out of Philippe Leroy’s from Yankee.

To go with his awful outfit in Adios Sabata!


Hard to enjoy that movie while focusing on that tasseling ensemble :frowning:

I haven’t been able to finish this one yet…

Me too, it’s still on the “got halfway through and never revisited” list. :slight_smile:

I found myself multi-tasking while watching this movie. I should, someday, give it another chance.

I often think that, if LvC had also played his Sabata in Adios Sabata, this film would be a favourite of many, and would probably be on the brink of our top 20 instead of the original Sabata.

I prefer Adios Sabata out of the Sabata films.

And I findAdios to be my second least favorite. Return has absolutely no chance at all. Some Mexican sombrero’s can be a bit much at times too.

As do I. Adio Sabata is the best of the Sabatas.

Sticking to the thread, sorry, I don’t remember the movie I have in mind… but the hats were terrible. I know that doesn’t help, haha. I do agree that the Indio Black hat is terrible.

The one that comes to mind for me is LVC’s bowler hat in Bad Man’s River…stupid looking!

Actually, as much as i would normally dislike that hat, i think it fits the cartoony feel of the movie.