Hate Thy Neighbor / Odia il prossimo tuo (Ferdinando Baldi, 1968)

comments? I am gonna watch this now although a bond movie is also on tv, but i haven’t seen this one yet

Update: quite a nice film. as always with baldi, the film itself doesnt look better than a tv movie, but the characters are as great as always, the main reason to watch a Baldi movie anyhow

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I liked the movie !!!

The plot offers some nice ideas, it’s entertaining and Horst Frank is at his best !!!

This is an enjoyable if at times corny spaghetti western that is a little different and has some good moments and is never less than entertaining. George Eastman does what he does best, playing a cocky villain who you know is going to get what’s coming to him.Horst Frank as already mentioned is also a great villain. The mexican peasant slave fights are like something from the earlier " sword and sandal " films.Good film.

The gladiator idea caught my interest. Does it have any of Baldi’s Greek influences?

Horst Frank is like a roman emperor, he sits in a chair on the sidelines while Mexican peasants fight to the death with those wooden claws. The film is well done, I gave it a 4.

A decent movie with some good ideas.

Were there Greek gladiators?

I kinda liked this one, too. I always enjoy watching Montefiori. And Frank is a safe bet as a baddie.

The highlights of the movie are definitely Horst Frank and George Eastman. Both are very solid in their roles. IMO this one is above average but not among the better SW. The plot is just too weak. The bad guys are shining too much and the Hero isn’t really interesting.

It’s quite interesting to see Gladiator Fights in a SW but there should have been some more. Something other kept my attention too. In the background of the Hanging Scene of George Eastman you can see something like a Castle. This place reminds me on some scenes of Johnny Hamlet. So maybe it’s the same place.
Isn’t it strange too that Eastman’s Character should be hanged outside of the town somewhere in the woods? But ok it’s much easier to free him there.
Nicoletta Machiavelli had a strange Name: Peggy Savalas (Maybe a reference to Telly Savalas?). Somehow she didn’t seems to be very happy through the whole movie.
I liked the opening credit with the newspaper and showing some scenes in black/white of the movie. Baldi is an interesting Director too because all his SW have a different look. Hate your neighbour is quite different to Texas Addio, Blindman, Forgotten Pistolero or Viva Django!

I watched the new Koch Media DVD which offers good quality (and English Audio) as usual. I’m not a fan of the 4:3 aspect ratio but I can live with that. On the DVD there was a nice featurette with Fernando Baldi and George Eastman.

Haven’t seen this film, but is it maybe this castle:

If Nicoletta was named after Telly, I can imagine she didn’t look happy

Baldi probably watned her to shave her head, so it’s no wonder she was unhappy :wink:

Yeah the Koch dvd looks stunning, better than the Wild East print.

Well at least I know which one to watch.

I don’t want to nitpick the whole movie but poor Eastman get really tortured in this one. Usually the bad guys are torturing the SW Hero. This time a villain tortures another villain. It’s a very relaxing movie for a SW Hero. :slight_smile:

It was not worthwile to torture this pale hero

As the new DVD came out I wasn’t even able to remember this petty hero… I watched the flick about one year ago and he was completele reased from my mind.

Just finished watching it, i found it quite enjoyable,i’d still say BLINDMAN is my favourite Baldi western though.

I shamelessly took this from over at lovelockandload.

Koch vs Wild East:


Wild East


Wild East

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Till the moment this one is a least favourite in Baldi’s folder.
The fights are OK, giving a epic feeling but the whole thing seems above average. Boring!

This one is just OK, in my book. Nothing particularly good about it, nothing particularly awful about it.
As far as Baldi Westerns go, this is probably my next to least favorite of his. My least favorite is LITTLE RITA NEL WEST.
My favorite Baldi Western is THE FORGOTTEN PISTOLERO, followed very rapidly by BLINDMAN, then TEXAS ADIOS.

horst frank was my best villain of all!