Has anyone here used Deepdiscount.com?

I just discovered this site today. They sell the MGM and blue underground releases for very low prices. (eg. 8.08 for Django with free shipping in the US).

Is this company reputable?

Yes, I’ve purchased from them from time to time and pre-ordered the Sabata Trilogy a year or two back when it was relased. They are very dependable and I’ve never had a problem with them.

Thanks Tom. I think I can save a “fistful” of dollars this X mas using this site for certain releases and buy from xploited for everything else.

I’ll echo my amigo Tom!
I’ve used them off and on for several years without any hitches or glitches.

However, I know quite a few folks who have had some problems with them since they changed from being DeepDiscountDVD.com to simply DeepDiscount.com.
To be honest, I am not sure what these problems have entailed; but, I know at least three people who refuse to ever order from them, again.

Yet, as I said…I have never had any problems with them and they do have some good prices (though their prices are not quite as good as they used to be, I’ve noticed).

I’ve used Deepdiscount a number of times and have always found them dependable and quite speedy considering I am ordering from the UK. I’d recommend them for mainstream releases as their prices are usually pretty good too.

Have used www.deepdiscountdvd.com as it was called before with no problems… Can also recommend www.dvdpacific.com which have some of the same prices but a larger inventory AND a better indication of what’s in stock.

I think the price advantage is only okay if you order within the US? I mean with the shipping, it ends up costing as much as dvdboxoffice.com (my former favorite) or cd-wow.net

Yes, the key is to order 2 or 3 items at once (as long as you stay under the customs allowance) and then the postage per item is minimal.

Yes. There is the added advantage though that things ordered at dvdpacific have a larger chance of going unharmed through customs, whereas deepdisounct almost always gets caught due to their way too correct of specifying value :slight_smile:

cdwow is too flaky in their deliveries. You could wait months if you order the ‘wrong’ thing :slight_smile:

haven’t really had negative experiencies with cd wow. at one time, my dvd got cought up, and they just sent another, i ended up with 2 for the price of one

I mainly buy my dvd’s from Xploited or deepdiscount. Sometimes the delivery has been quite long (to Europe) but otherwise I can’t complain. Low prices, reliable service and sometimes they have some good offers and discount coupons.

Yes that’s one more problem they don’t seem to know what they are doing. I recently was sent 2 Viva Marias (kind of ironic really) also for the price of one. Actually I got a voucher for the first one so got 2 for free :)… Also I earlier in the year ordered the new The Hills Run Red from MGM, waited a month asked what was going on, was told that they were waiting for supplies, I then cancelled the order as I didn’t want to wait anymore… 3 days later or so the disc was in my hands and the money was back in my account :slight_smile: That means that a the time they were telling me they couldn’t get it as of yet, they had already sent it to me. F**cked up…

My favorite stores and i can vouch for all these places

hkflix.com - Asian cinema
xploited cinema - rare titles or non-region one DVDS
dvd universe - I shop here quite often

A year back i placed an order at Xploited but the package never arrived and these doods re-shipped my entire order - over $100 worth of DVDS - for absolutely nothing! Thats insane. I mean I could have been pulling their leg and bullshitting but they were not even hesitate about sending me my order twice. I also enjoy how the fella who runs that place will actually respond to your e-mails and communicate with you like a typical movie fanatic.

[quote=“kevinbellamy, post:13, topic:747”]My favorite stores and i can vouch for all these places

hkflix.com - Asian cinema
xploited cinema - rare titles or non-region one DVDS
dvd universe - I shop here quite often[/quote]

All excellent sites!
In addition to those, I also use YesAsia.com.

Thanks for the recommendations guys. DVDpacific has fantastic prices! ACE HIGH for only 5.75!

I picked up Ace High at Wal-Mart a few years back for like $7.

I hate to admit it but Wal-Mart has some of the best deals around. Considering they offer the ‘lowest price guaranteed’ youre not going to find too many companies on a par with them. Well, Toys R Us has the exact policy - They will match competitors prices and blah.

I completely understand how some ppl may have a few hang ups about supporting companies like Wal-Mart but if youre on a tight budget, prefer saving money or (like me) just cheap in general - go to Wal-Mart.