Happy Birthday to Tomas Milian (March 3, 1932)

Hi all,

Just wanted to wish the great Tomas Milian a happy 77th birthday today! ;D

I’ve just put up a little tribute vid to him on YouTube. It’s from “La Resa Dei Conti”…the scene in which Tomas gives Ángel del Pozo one hell of a migraine headache in one of the greatest one-on-one showdowns in Spaghetti Western history :smiley:



When you’re this old I don’t think you give a shit about birthdays

I say have a nice day Tomas :slight_smile:

I think you have a point. Birthdays are no big deal for me.

Happy Birthday to Tomas! 8)

Couldn’t agree more … I’ve seen enough of those damn birthdays

Happy birthday to the greatest actor alive!


Rock on Tommy!

Think I’ll re watch Run Man, Run tonight in tribute.