Happy Birthday Eli Wallach!

Eli Wallach, who so memrobably played Tuco, AKA “The Ugly” in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, is 94 today! Here’s hoping you’ll be around for many more years! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday tuco! there aren’t too many old time stars left, so good health!

All the best to a living legend and a fantastic actor.

Yes, Happy Birthday Eli.
And here’s to many more!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Ugly :o :slight_smile:

Viva Wallach!

Truly a great actor and a great guy!

You know him? (Green with envy)

Go for it Eli! And happy birthday!


Best regards Mr.Wallach.

Great stuff Eli. Here’s to you getting into the SWDB hall of fame!

It would be a crime for him not to get on!

By the way Mrs Angel Eyes, nice advert for your forum!

Eli Wallach turns 95 today. Happy Birthday!

And still going strong it seems. What a treasure.
Happy Birthday Tuco

Have a good 'un Eli!

Happy Birthday Tuco!

Best wishes again Mr Wallach !

Happy Birthday Sheriff Edward Gideon.

Long live “the ugly”! ;D

Well done for notching up another year, here’s to many more! Happy Birthday Mr Wallach :slight_smile: