Hand-Drawn Spaghetti Western Heroes Wallpaper

(Cat Stevens) #1

Hi guys,

New poster here. I’ve been working on some drawings that I’ve shared over at the Fistful-of-Leone website and wanted to share a wallpaper I’ve made with you guys here:

Hope you enjoy!

(Phil H) #2

That’s cool mate. I really like it. Good work and thanks for sharing it.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #3

very nice 8)

(Jack Burns) #4

Very nice. Thanks for sharing it.
No Sabata?

(Bill Wood) #5

Wow, that’s an awesome piece! Thanks for sharing!

(Pacificador) #6

Well done!!!

Any chance of LVC making it on one of your next works?? ;D

(Cat Stevens) #7

Sartana is occupying the spot I’d originally reserved for Sabata. But at that time, I hadn’t seen any of the Sartana movies and wound up liking those better.

I’d say the chances of LVC being on the next project are 100%. I am thinking of doing Gunfighters of the Spaghetti Western with one of Cleef’s many characters (probably Sabata), Gemma’s Ringo, Wallach’s Tuco or Cacapoulos and Kinski’s Loco/Tigrero (much more interesting than Silence!).

Thanks for the compliments, everybody!

(Pacificador) #8

Sweet…I’ll be waiting to see it!!!

Again, good stuff. Thanks for posting.

(flynnparadox) #9

LOVE the Sartana drawing in particular. It’s fantastic.


(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #10

Thanks cat stevens.

(John Welles) #11

Brilliant. Django and Sartana are the best, in my opinion. Great work. One question: Are you a comic artist? Because I’m sure I’ve seen your drawings somewhere before. Anyhow, thak you very much for sharing this with us.

(genesis_pig) #12

I needed some more wallpapers related to SWs for my desktop.
Anyone has some cool ones, do share.

Great job BTW, Cat!

(klinteastwood) #13