Hand-Drawn Spaghetti Western Heroes Wallpaper

Hi guys,

New poster here. I’ve been working on some drawings that I’ve shared over at the Fistful-of-Leone website and wanted to share a wallpaper I’ve made with you guys here:

Hope you enjoy!

That’s cool mate. I really like it. Good work and thanks for sharing it.

very nice 8)

Very nice. Thanks for sharing it.
No Sabata?

Wow, that’s an awesome piece! Thanks for sharing!

Well done!!!

Any chance of LVC making it on one of your next works?? ;D

Sartana is occupying the spot I’d originally reserved for Sabata. But at that time, I hadn’t seen any of the Sartana movies and wound up liking those better.

I’d say the chances of LVC being on the next project are 100%. I am thinking of doing Gunfighters of the Spaghetti Western with one of Cleef’s many characters (probably Sabata), Gemma’s Ringo, Wallach’s Tuco or Cacapoulos and Kinski’s Loco/Tigrero (much more interesting than Silence!).

Thanks for the compliments, everybody!

Sweet…I’ll be waiting to see it!!!

Again, good stuff. Thanks for posting.

LOVE the Sartana drawing in particular. It’s fantastic.


Thanks cat stevens.

Brilliant. Django and Sartana are the best, in my opinion. Great work. One question: Are you a comic artist? Because I’m sure I’ve seen your drawings somewhere before. Anyhow, thak you very much for sharing this with us.

I needed some more wallpapers related to SWs for my desktop.
Anyone has some cool ones, do share.

Great job BTW, Cat!