Halfbreed / Winnetou und das Halbblut Apanatschi (Harald Philipp, 1966)



Winnetou and Old Shatterhand come to the rescue of a family they know, who are having trouble with a gang wanting their gold mine. Two of the family are kidnapped by the gang, but not long before the duo are on the job to help rescue them.

Simple and straight forward story. Would have liked a few more plot twists. Felt the film was struggling at times to pad out the running time of just under 90 mins.


In a recent radio interview (Bayern 1, June 2016), German actress Uschi Glas, who played Apanatschi, reminisces about her experiences during the shooting of the film in Yugoslavia.

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Still that nice Bayerisches accent. Any idea at what point she starts talking about the movie? I checked a couple of minutes here and there, and even though I like Ushi, it’s all a little langweilig, so to speak.


Glas claims that the reason for having her voice dubbed over by a German voice actress in W. u. d. H. Apanatschi wasn’t her strong Bavarian accent but the fact that most actors in the movie had to be dubbed anyway (Brice, Barker, Barnes et al.) and that it was cheaper to do it all in one go in Berlin without her having to fly there. The interview gets more interesting around the forty-minute mark when she starts to talk about her role in W. u. d. H. Apanatschi.

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Okay, thanks. I’ll check again.
I’ll add a note tot he review afterwards