Guns for dollars.They call me Allelujah. Good George Hilton

Does anyone know where this was filmed please… I,m guessing Fort Bravo theme park where the Mexican village is still in tact. Saludos

It looks to be an all Italian location film … I don’t know which specific Rome studio, but it’s not ‘Fort Bravo’.

The answer, even if to another person’s same question in the Facebook group SPAGHETTI WESTERN FILM LOCATION E SET was published July 4th this year,

"Alex W. Doc

The first part of the sequence seems to have been shot at the Caldara di Manziana. The second part, the one where the monastery can be seen, seems to have been filmed in La Selcia (Mazzano Romano). There will be half an hour drive between the 2 locations. :slightly_smiling_face:"

These are located northwest and north of Rome. But I haven’t found the exact locations on Google Maps. A new “ESPERANZA” ? - no I guess not :slight_smile:

I saw the reference to la selcia but couldn’t find it on google maps.
Anyway, I believe Monte Gelato in this area was also in the movie.

Thanks Amigos… Sorry for late reply… One day runs into another