Gunman’s Walk (Phil Karlson, 1958)

Intrested in what other forum members think of this film. A rancher ( Van Heflin) has two sons (Tab Hunter, James Darren) that he has tried to raise in the image of himself, a hard man. One of the sons(Hunter)feels he lives in the shadow of his fatherand tries to be too much like him which leads to tragedy.
I think this is a very neglected film, a good superior western that holds the attention and has a good story and is well acted by all. One of quite a few westerns from the late 50’s that strove to add an adult dimension to the western genre and this one i feel works well, and it doesn’t pull it’s punches and end up sentimental like some films of the time. a good film.

‘Gunman’s Walk’ starring Van Heflin and Tab Hunter

  • Hunter is doing better as in ‘Django - Sein letzter Gruß’
  • good western
  • not too much action but entertaining

for anyone intrested especially in britain " gunmans walk" is showing on channel 4 on wednesday 18th feb at 13.35.

I’ve just watched this one. I think it’s a decent low(ish) budget 50s western, although by no means the best.

The whistled theme tune must be of some interest to spaghetti western fans? I can’t think of too many other examples from that era.