Gunman of One Hundred Crosses cuts!

Looking for quality scans of the cut portions of the film Gunman of One Hundred Crosses. To be included in a piece to be published. Will acknowledge the person who provides them in the magazine, if anyone does have scans or can scan them for me! Much appreciated!

Hi, you mean the pictures of naked Marina Malfatti getting whipped?
I have those pictures in a German book but unfortunately very small and only black/white.
If you have nothing better I may scan them.

Grinder, Thanks for the offer,but I have that book also. Just looking for pictures that are a bit clearer to include. I saw a seller on ebay with some stills of the cut scenes, but he is asking a small fortune for them. Thank you though!

Marina Mulligan and Marina Malfatti are two different people :wink:

Sorry, my fault … so Marina Mulligan aka Marina Rabissi getting whipped :stuck_out_tongue: