Gunfighters of Casa Grande (Roy Rowland, 1964)

The head of a group of gunfighters wins a ranch in a poker game. His idea is to take the cattle on the ranch on a cattle drive and sell up. Some of the other gunfighters start to like it at the ranch though, and start to get other ideas. Nothing much seems to happen at first, other than the head gunfighter played by Alex Nicol talking about what he is going to do. Plans change though when the local bandit has his own ideas on wanting the cattle.

Nicol is a confident character full of himself, which is such a contrast to his role in Ride and Kill. Good looking film, where everybody looks super spotless clean. Alot of arguments between the gunfighters, which I became fed up of after a while. Bit slow going at first, with a story which is watchable but in the end predictable for me.[font=times new roman][/font]

Well. I gave it a try but didn’t found it as good as I expected, specially because I liked Roy Rowland’s other western: “Sie nannten ihn Gringo”.
The whole plot seems kind of silly. Why should a gringo gunfighter change his name to a spanish name? The way everybody is holding the guns felt wrong too. Won’t be revisiting this one for decades, that’s sure.

Wow. The search-engine kept directing me to Sie nannten ihn Amigo instead of ‘Gringo’, but I finally sorted it out. But I’ll check-out Gunfighters first.

Loved it. A solid 7-out-of-ten. It’s easy to see why the gang liked living at the ranch. There’s sultry, beautiful women everywhere. Alex Nicol is amazingly chaotic, hair-trigger deadly, and spontaneously audacious. The ideal qualities for a leader here. And Jorge Mistral is superb. His character is more Victor Mature-ish than Victor Mature himself.

Action & script; both logical to the premise of outlaws trying to mastermind a huge cattle-theft scheme.