Gun Shy Piluk / Giurò … e li uccise ad uno ad uno … Piluk il timido (Guido Celano, 1968)ò…_e_li_uccise_ad_uno_ad_uno

A sheriff is killed by the leader of the local bad guys, and the father of the sheriff is not to pleased of course. The father Mr.Piluk (Edmund Purdom) is the local undertaker and also plays a mean violin when he is in a bad mood. His son appoints him a deputy just before he dies, and Piluk seeks revenge for his sons death. Meanwhile a new sheriff arrives in town and starts to fall in love with Piluk’s granddaughter.

Piluk is the reason why I like this one as he is an old man who you think would not hurt a fly, and is therefore interesting when he is seeking revenge. Piluk is a clever man, who also likes some dry humour from time to time. Music by Carlo Savina has some nice themes in the score, including whistling and trumpet tracks.

This one seems good.

Viewed this four times now and like more everytime. I think you will like this one Silence as you do tend to like some of the more low key ones.

I’ll be sure to check it out!

Just finished this one. Ok Spaghetti. Interesting for the old man character but nothing special. Though the Italian locations do pass for the US this time! Didn’t see Fabio Testi in it though.

I’m with Ennioo on this one. I like it, although I have no defensible reason to do so as it is really quite corny and plays out like something of a 40s B serial and is extremely dated in style for a Spaghetti of 1968. But then I have a soft spot for those old rubbish westerns so maybe that’s the appeal. I do like the idea of the old guy as the avenger too and this is a very original plot device. Can’t remember anything like it elsewhere.

Perhaps it is this originality that seems to have confused everyone re the cast details on this one. I just checked the database and it is completely wrong re who played who. Edmund Purdom is the sheriff not Piluk and Livio Lorenzon sure as hell wasn’t Sebastian Mason, he was Doc Lucas. I checked imdb and that is just as inaccurate so this may well be where the initial errors began. We also list Luis Barboo as appearing which I think is a Weisser error as the actor in this film is Luigi Barber who, according to Giusti, is the old guy who plays Piluk.

I will try and correct the database as best I can. If anyone has any info to help let me know. If you ever wanted an example as to why imdb is not reliable, this is it.

Just rewatched this one, I really like it!