Gun and victim in the same shot

I know this has been covered a million times but I just want a quick answer here. I could’ve sworn I’ve seen footage of Eastwood explaining how, before Sergio, there was never anybody who lensed shooting scenes in which the gun and the person being shot were in the same frame.
This is clearly untrue as there are numerous examples of pre-FOD movies (and tv shows) in which this was practiced. Where can I find the footage of Eastwood saying these exact words? Am I mistaken? I’ve checked the old region 1 2003 double disc GOOD, BAD AND UGLY set and the Region 2 (German wooden box set) 2005 (4?) double disc set of FISTFUL and FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE; can’t find the interview anywhere!

folks talk about it here----

Found it! It was the SPAGHETTI WEST the IFC doc.