Guido Lollobrigida AKA Lee Burton

Lee Burton is probably my favorite Spaghetti Character actor. He has this very villainous face but is good as a good guy as well. And I believe him to be a good actor. What are your opinions.

To me his name is synonymous to disappointment forever and ever

The first time I noticed his name on a poster, I didn’t really pay attention, jumped to conclusions, in other words: thought I was going to watch a movie with Gina Lollobrigida.

Afterwards I didn’t understand what had happened. Where was Gina? How the hell could I have missed her?

Yeah, he’s played all types. Very distinctive look. I like him too.
But scherps is right, he’s no Gina.

He played great roles in great SWs. His performances are strong and somehow adequate. I mean, he never really catches too much attention with his roles. He’s doing his job and he’s doing it well.

I had to google to find out who he is . I remember him well from Django, Prepare a Coffin!. His Name Lee Burton looks like a mix of Lee Marvin (or Lee Van Cleef or Lee Remick) and Richard Burton. :slight_smile: