Group Funding of German and USA's Cauldron Films Blu Ray SWs Ideas

Hello there SW aficionados!

I’m not sure if this concept has been tossed around the post before (if it has please let me know), but how would any of you feel about getting in touch with Colosseo Films and Herr Ulrich Bruckner’s Explosive Media from Germany, and possibly the USA’s most recent obscure cult cinema Blu Ray company Cauldron Films about putting out SWs on Blu Ray if a pre-determined amount can be reached to at least get the ball rolling on getting a release together.

I know for a lot us money is tight under any circumstances, and right now is probably the worst for the majority of people around the world, but sometimes even as little as $5 can make a dent here and there.

I’m not suggesting any kind of definite commitment from anybody and merely wanted to put this out there in case there would be some interest. This is a long shot for sure Amigos and I’m in way over my own head in asking as I have very basic tech savvy and am not a heavy mover or shaker in getting companies interested in my ideas, but I’ve had this concept brewing in my brain for a while now and decided to take the plunge in putting out there.

Thanks for listening, and I welcome any and all alternative ideas to this.

I guess if any of these labels need to raise funds the unconventional way for a restoration or a licensing package, then they can start an indiegogo or kickstarter campagin. The SWDb will gladly help by getting the word out. Some companies have done it in the past, some have done it and failed (not naming names). But I guess it’s not up to us to initiate this, plus, I think money isn’t really the issue, it’s just super hard to locate and secure the rights to these films… but I can bring it up with Uli next time I talk to him if he ever ran into instances where it was a financial reason to not sign up for a specific deal…

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Thanks for the reply admin,

I forgot to mention in my initial posting that part of my reasoning behind this concept was because I felt the only reason we weren’t seeing more SW releases in spite of the want and interest from a good number of people was because the companies weren’t certain they’d recoup the money they’d put into the work of a release and thought that if maybe we the fans offered to raise a portion of what they would need, the companies might do more SW releases if some of said cost was down. .

Again thanks for the reply Admin Sebastian.