Greetings + few questions

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing great. It’s been a long time since I last roamed those forums.
Right now I’m living in Vic in Spanish Catalonia. I will continue to live here till end of January/beginning of February next year. There’s a big possibility I will be able to go to Almeria next week. I have a few questions to the ones so fortunate to have visited those great lands:
1)I would like to see as many locations as possible. What is the best way to go about it? What places are the most interesting to visit now (I’m asking because I know many locations look different or have been destroyed)?
2)Will I be able to see anything interesting now in September?
3)Do you know a good place to stay that would make a great HQ to start my exploration of Almeria? It should not be expensive as I’m not too rich of a guy now.

Maybe I will have some more questions later.
Nice to be back. Greetings everyone!

The trip will probably be postponed till next week but the questions still stand.

I’ve never been myself alk0, I’d bloody love to though, but since any more first-hand answers don’t seem to be forthcoming: I found this site, some of which may be of some use (halfway down those pages there are maps of apparent Leone shoot locations, sets, and a Spag-flavoured theme park, I think):[/url]


Anyway, good luck with your trip. Bring back LOTS of pics!

Hostal Alba is pretty reasonable, Manuel is a nice guy too.

Thank you, I checked the hostel and it has got a very reasonable prices (and a great menu as well!).
I am going to bring a lot of photos and share it with everyone.

Hope you have a great time!

Not much to add to the discussion, but good to see you back around alk0 - enjoy your trip

Thanks, guys!

Greetings from Tabernas!

If you all want I can put some photos from the festival here and maybe some location photos in the corresponding topic. I just need a day or two to copy the pictures to my computer.

Yes, that would be terrific. I’m sure you enjoyed yourself immensely.

Yes, I’ve had a great time, thanks! I will post the photos in the next few days then.