Green horn needs some help

(ramrod) #1

hey, im a new spag western fanatic,although ive always loved leone,estwood and van cleef.some questions…is the grand duel the same movie as the big gun down? is there another name for "the ballad of a bounty hunter?another name for dead for a dollar?thanks im glad i found this site,its good to know their are people who share my new interest.

(Lode) #2

No no no. This is the Grand Duel (aka Big Showdown)

This is Big Gundown

Ballad of a bounty hunter:…_uccido

Dead for a Dollar:'ammazzo!_-_Raccomandati_a_Dio

Just use the search engine on the main page. So as you can see, these all are different movies :wink:

(Il Cattivo 49) #3

if you are a new sw fan buy the sollima box. there’s a book within, which is perfect to have an overview of all SWs.

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