Good stuff, recommend it to everyone! ! !(cold case DVD)

Why “Cold Case”[/url] deserves to be watched? Well, let’s start saying that the storylines are very interesting, of course some better than the others but I can afirm that I have only seen a boring episode on this show.

The cast is very good and I have to complain about Kathryn Morris not being nominated for any award because of her portrait of Lilly. Another important thing is the technique used on the show with the use of the colours and the transitions. And at last, but not least, the very well selected music (the guilty of why the series is not on DVD yet). Good stories, good characters and actors, amazing music and a wonderful technique, this is what "Cold Case"offers to the viewer. A very good show to watch, don’t miss it.

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Rather have a “Cold Case” of beer.