Good prices for Leone R2 UK DVD's dropped the price of the R2 UK SE’s of Fistful of Dollars, Fistful of Dynamite, and For a Few Dollars More to $13.95 through their regular site with free shipping. When you use the following link:
the prices are discounted further to $9.95 each and Once upon a Time in the West is $6.95. The discount link cannot be used with additional vouchers and some people have had to clear cookies before it would work properly. Romerojpg at deserves credit for the discount link. You can order multiple discounted items with the link and there are other good deals but this forum is devoted to spaghettis. I’ve ordered from this site many times shipping to the US and have never had problems. I don’t know about other countries but they do offer free worldwide shipping.

I only ordered Fistful of Dynamite since I bought the German Dollars box and I’m sick of waiting for this to come to the States. Someone may know better than I, but I think this Dynamite may be briefly cut due to some horse falls. I have the Koreans 2 disc Dynamite which has two cuts of the film but a weak transfer IMHO (seems to be a lot of jitter from the telecine).

I hope some of you benefit from this. If anyone knows of some other good spaghetti bargains, pass them along. Merry Christmas

Hmmm… Tempting. The AFOD and FAFDM versions are the same version as the R1 releases, just with more extras?
And does anyone no the word on the region 1 release of Dynamite? When is it coming? Will it be uncut?
I have these in my basket but not sure wether to pull the trigger or not…


Theses are newer transfers than the current R1 AFOD and FAFDM. The R1 AFOD is not even an anmorphic transfer. The German SE of FAFDM is a longer cut with the same extras. The UK SE’s also feature DTS soundtracks which as far as I’m concerned is a waste with these films. The inclusion of the original English mono track on the German editions is better IMO. The extras alone are worth $9.95 IMO especially the commentary. We’ve been waiting for a R1 release of these SE’s for a long time now. The only benefit I know of with a R1 release would be a NTSC transfer. Some people gripe about PAL speed-up, but I’ve never been able to tell a difference myself. I went for the German editions for the longer FAFDM cut, newer transfer, original English mono, and the pretty box to put on my shelves.
Here’s some comparisons:[/url]

As for Dynamite, 6 seconds of horsefalls are reportedly cut but this cut also has the 3 min flashback at the end. I can live with the 6 seconds gone for $9.95 even if an uncut R1 release shows up in the next couple of months. For some reason, studios can’t seem to see that there is a market for spaghettis in the US. I wish I could tell you when a R1 release is coming, but I don’t have a clue.

well you can’t do better than the German discs, no matter if you’re talking about the dollar films or duck you sucker. they both beat the UK discs respectively

It’s a pity that they are worse than the german ones and that they do not have german language or at least subs… Nice price…

well I don’t understand you. i mean, if you need german audio, buy the german dvds, they are better anyway. no pity here :_)

But not that cheap…

well they are worth the money. just buy the 4 DVD set, that’s pretty cool

Okay, i’ve read throught the other posts and here’s what I think i’ve learned:
For AFOD and FAFDM the German editions are better because: mono soundtrack, better transfer and maybe some extra footage(?). Is that correct?

If a non-German speaker (that would be me!) were to get these editions would there be any problems. i.e. Itake it the extras are in English or have English sub-titles?

I have a german friend at work who i’m sure would help me set up an account.

Thanks (once again) for any help.

Also any difference between the 4 DVD set and the seperate editions?

The German Paramount Dollars releases including extras are very English friendly assuming you can play R2 PAL and are superior IMO to the UK releases. Sebastian has very good reviews of the German editions here. I can’t understand any German and was able to order them no problem. The German Amazon site is set up essentially like the US site and I think my log in and password were essentially the same as on the US site. Sebastian also has handy links to the German releases on their respective database pages. You’ll save some money by getting the 4-disc set. The only difference would be packaging. I agree with Sebastian that the money was well spent although you’ll definitely pay a few dollars more to get the German editions.

I have never been able to confirm that the German Dynamite release is uncensored. For $9.95, I can get beyond the missing horse falls though. It costs more than that just to ship to the US from

Thanks for all the info…
Gotta total my pennies up and see if I can afford the German ones (you’re right about the shipping- a little hefty).
Still like the UK prices…

Got AFOD and FAFDM as a christmas present. So my personal problem is soluted. I only have to get Duck you Sucker, but I think I’ll buy it at amazon. :slight_smile:

yeah i mean, if you can get over the cut horse-falls, just get the UK one, apart from that, it’s the same disc anyhow