Gold Train / 30 Winchesters for El Diablo / 30 Winchester per El Diablo (Gianfranco Baldanello, 1965)

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I am watching this right now.
Good: photography, Alessandra Panaro
Bad: music, dialogue

I don’t have much to say about this film: very boring, very bad. Not recommended.

very american, but indeed well photographed.

I think 1965 was just the beging SWs Era, so this one was not in the ‘feeling’… Give it [2/5] stars

Does anybody has some dvd or vhs cover for it ?

[quote=“Raph_Alv, post:5, topic:253”]Does anybody has some dvd or vhs cover for it ?
Thanks[/quote]I have a scan of finnish vhs cover. Send me your e-mail and I will send it to you.

Hi Bill, please send to

Thank you very much…
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WARNING - contains spoilers, opinions, some negative comments, a reference to Dear Jeff, and to dirty jeans. Certainly NOT to be read by SD ( now - you’ve been warned - so please don’t come belly-aching afterwards).

This was watched last night, and as with others I found it to be pretty much an american style B-movie, and pretty bad. It ‘spaghetti-ism’ comes from swapping what otherwise may have been some cliched ‘Black Bart’-type character and his cattle rustlers, to here their being transformed into swarthy mexican banditos, instead.
Its got soppy ol’ love goin on between (Austrian) Carl Mohner and Alessandro Panaro (as Topsy Collins). She’s the virginal sheriff’s daughter and was 23 at the time. Mohner as the protaganist hero and love-god was 49 at the time, and altho’ I’ve not got a problem with that sort of age gap in real life, it doesn’t sit well in this film. Mohner is meant to be playing a Clinty-type scruff, unshaven and roughy-toughy - but he just cannot manage it. Underneath it all he’s a smoothy and as miscast as I’ve seen a character since dear ol’ Jeff Hunter played a young man in ‘Christmas Kid’. In fact this is worse as Carl M. doesn’t have Jeff’s charisma, and his voice actually reminded me one of the Tracy boys from the puppet series ‘Thunderbirds’. Anyway scepticism aside, the whole thing is too talky and a bit, well - shit.
The end.
Well, except it’s not…
This film is actually worth watching. Certainly not for the 2 leads, but for the real stars of the show. There’s a three way love/filth thing going on betwixt the mexican barroom singer (played by the crackin’ Mila Stanic), and two other major characters in the film. El Diablo, the top mexican hard-nut, (who is pretty forgettable, where’s Sancho when we need him?) - and the sherrif’s son, Victor. He’s far better - a slime-ball with a Stengel-like dandyism and a sneer to match, and has the sort of presence that is missing from all of the others - except …
… the aforementioned Miss Stanic as Rosario! She is the dirtyist, back-stabbinist, bad-to-the boneeist most georgeous :-* :-* :-* female character I’ve seen in a long time. I nearly had to give up my priesthood, so immoral were my thoughts. (I even thought about washing my jeans and getting rid of my earring, but then I realised that this is a real woman for a real bloke who’d probably like that grubby r’n’r image. She’s certainly not some powder-puff virgin for the smoothies). ;D :wink:
She made this film for this fellah. Crackin’ acting, crackin’ outfits - from the full-on gypsy/mexican look to the cow-girl/pistollero gear.
There is a proper spaghetti-stylee face off between her and Victor towards the end, and for me, this is worth the price of admission as well. The ending-proper belongs to the American B-movie westerns and is as vomit-worthy as they come. Other than for Miss Stanic there’s not a lot, obviously, to recommend this film. But, for this outstandingly magnificent smouldering piece of georgeousness - it gets at least this write-up to save her honour. Now, what else is she in? ‘De Guello’ … got that somewhere … and hmmmm … ‘A Colt in the Hand of a Devil’ - her, Woods and Berger- damn!!! Anybody got this and wanna trade? ;D
[Original pre-cert Avi video watched - under the ‘Gold Train’ title] (Piccies of Rosario now added :-*)

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Yes, all in all me-di-oc-re.

I think this was one of the most boring sw’s I’ve seen. I’ve seen only 3 Baldanello films. Are there any other good ones besides Black Jack?
This man Can’t die is the third I’ve seen which is just average b-western.

I have also seen a fourth one : 10 White Victims of the Little Indian (1974) aka Blood River.

Amateurishly directed, often poorly acted (even by Ireland, Testi, Rosalba Neri), worse dialogue, cheap looking sets, an ambitious story which is given away.

German SW author Christian Kessler likes this film (“Baldanello’s best next to Black Jack”), I was disappointed.

I have seen BALDANELLO SWs and while this director is not top class the SWs are good


Entertaining plot, good photography, decent cast make this film above average & fun. :slight_smile:


This is a TOP 20 SW with superb plot, good chemistry between a rugged and always good GUY MADISON and French Leading Lady of Few Films LUCIENNE BRIDOU.

Both High quality SWS from the 1960s much appreciated by fans used to DATED recent :’(

Just watched this one tonight for the first time and would write more about it but there is little point as the good reverand has already pretty much summed up every thought I had about it.

American B western style to the point where I thought Carl Mohner’s character could have been played by Johnny Mack Brown and on the whole not a film to be recommended to any but the most dedicated. But I was, like the rev, more impressed with Mila Stanic and Ivano Staccioli as the main villains and thought they showed some genuine promise that the rest of the film failed to live up to.
2 stars.

I enjoyed this one.

The main character was tough, suitable amount of action and the story was not great but O.K.

[quote=“Raph_Alv, post:5, topic:253”]Does anybody has some dvd or vhs cover for it ?
Here is the early 80’s U.K. vhs cover under the title Gold Train


Well, i’ve just finished watching it, i was getting quite restless, i doubt i will watch it again in a hurry.

The only thing redeeming for me is that i thought i noticed a location, the same place in GBU where Eastwood saves Tuco from the 3 bounty hunters near the start…maybe.

Just viewed this one again and pretty much remembered everything from my last viewing. Changed my view on this as this is just average stuff, but the end action scenes are OK but not very inspired.

Carl Möhner. Who gave this man a lead role ? :o
I find that a good actor for Fidani have been.
This man in a SW. This reminds me of when a nursing home makes a trip. Sorry !!! ::slight_smile:

To this film. Always these romances. Are we in a SW, or what.
Oh my goodness. I have seen the film only once, and I do not think I do a second one tormenting times.

Maybe he wanted to show the world how wooden at acting he is :smiley: .

Absolutely. This is the only reason. :wink: