Going to Italy, what should I get?

(Django211) #1

Hi everyone. I’m mostly a lurker but I thought I would ask your advice. Next week I’ll be headed to Italy for my honeymoon. While I’m there I thought I would try to find some DVDs of my favorite Spaghettis. I’ve made a short list but if anyone can think of some good ones I am missing please tell me. I had a rather large collection on VHS but unfortunately I no longer live in the US and all of my tapes are there.

The Big Gundown
A Pistol for Ringo
Return of Ringo
Price of Power
Deaf Smith & Johnny Ears
Day of Anger

(Silvanito) #2

Check out the list of our 20 best spaghettis.

Are you looking specifically for italian releases? Otherwise I think it would be easier to pick up spaghetti dvd’s from an online shop, than running around in Rome or whatever.

(tom) #3

I dont think you have to go to italy for those titles! and most of the time the italian dvd´s are only in italian without subs.

why dont you use your honeymoon to have the most beautifull time of your life with your wife, instad of searching for dvd´s :wink:

but… there are good italian dvd´s of massacre time, little rita of the west and west and soda with english audio option.
Probalbly there are more but these three came up.

go for the segio sollima box with run man run, big gun down, face to face - it has italian audio with english subs! great box!!

Italian vhs tapes you are not going to find, they are big collecters items and on ebay they ask around 40 euro for an italian tape!

enjoy your time in italy and say hello to the pope from me :wink:

(Django211) #4

Thanks for recommending the list. I have the more popular ones but some of them I forgot about like Face to Face. During our trip there will definitely be some down time & I figure I can look while the Mrs is shopping or when everyone takes the huge day break for lunch.

(tom) #5

I saw last time(a few months ago). That there were some cheap spaghetties for sale at citydisc. The only thing is…the italian released dvd´s are with no english audio or subtitel option.

(Django211) #6

Well the honeymoon was great & I did get some time to look for films while my wife was shopping. The only film I saw in Italy with English was The White, the Yellow & the Black but I despise that movie & didn’t feel like paying 20 Euro for it. I did buy The Big Gundown & Face to Face and figure my rudimentary Italian will get a workout.

Surprisingly there were a ton of DVDs in Paris. On the Champ Elysee there is an Atlantic Virgin music store that has a lot of films: the Ringo films, the Sabatas, some Sartanas, Trinitys, and various Django movies. However worse than the Italian films these only had a French soundtrack & French subtitles.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #7

What country do you live in now?
If you live in a PAL territory it’s definately worth getting a multi system vcr and getting your beloved spaghetti’s shipped over, personally i only get rid of my tapes when i get a dvd or a dvd transfer :slight_smile:

(Django211) #8

I live in China now. They run on the PAL system. So I would have to get a dual player VHS in order for the NTSC tapes to work. Also it would be a hassle with customs not to mention shipping prices and then having someone go through boxes of VHS tapes looking for certain movies. So I would rather just update as many films as possible on DVD. Getting DVDs are outrageously cheap here but spaghettis aren’t common outside of the Leone films.