God Will Forgive My Pistol / Dio perdoni la mia pistola (Mario Gariazzo, Leopoldo Savona, 1969)

Transfer for sure, as you never know when the VHS will get mangled in the machine !

Got the recorder working for now, so I’m going to transfer this one soon. Only problem is that the audio drops out for about five minutes towards the end of the film before it fixes itself again. I’ve got another copy of this but it’s buggered with mould.

Unfortunately I can’t copy my tape since it has copy protection. Even covering the tab doesn’t work. Such a shame since the audio is better than the fan project available.

Yeah. Uneven but harmless. I only had a problem with the music-theme for the sidekicks. It didn’t have to cut-in and cut-out every time they were on the screen, then off. A little weird.

Well, this one is bloody awful.

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