God in Heaven … Arizona on Earth / Una bala marcada / Dio in cielo … Arizona in terra (Juan Bosch, 1972)

Hello I have a lousy quality VHS copy of God in Heaven Arizona on Earth with Swedish subtitles and am looking for the better widescreen version on DVD … can anyone help out? Thx!

I have a widescreen version with dutch subs, a VHS rip but it looks rather nice

I have a fandub of this. WS and english without subs. I liked this movie. Peter lee lawrence is pretty good. Robert Carmadiel (is that the right spelling) was great too. At first he is like the typical drunk, comic relief sidekick/tramp but we soon find out that he was once a respectable figure. Good stuff. The soundtrack comes from 3 or 4 of Nicolai’s other scores including two of the sartana scores.

I’ve got Suevia’s edition, it is nice but the language specs might not be the desired (spanish or italian). I’ve got it from here:


I think the fandub uses this print.

I watched this tonight, pretty good one… one of the best PLL Westerns i’ve seen.



man from the East LOL
thaaanks scherp

I thought it would be good to revisit some Spaghetti Westerns! So, having watched this a few years ago, forgot how good this film really is. I really enjoyed PLL performance in this, it looked like he was having some fun with his role as the gunslinger. The storyline was kinda of interesting but not too different from many other Spaghies. Definitely one of PLL better Westerns. :wink:

Watched this one tonight for the second time, the Flamingo Video/Quinto Piano DVD, Italian audio only, so I cannot really say that I could follow it all. My second with PLL in a week. Not as good as the as the previous one (Dove si spara di più) and not as good as Bosch’ previous film (the very underrated The Crows will dig your grave). Still I think the second best I have seen from Bosch, another good one for PLL, and another major part for Maria Pia Conte and Frank Braña. Nice Nicolai score, even if recirculated from previous films. Is all of it recycled, by the way?

A certain Sergio Aparici is in it. His name has shown up in a couple of films I have seen lately. Anybody know him?

I have an English fandub of the Italian disc. I remember liking this one quite a bit.