'Gli implacabili. L'angelo, il brutto, il saggio'

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Check out these links 8)



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I can’t speak/read any italian, but I thought that I understood that Franco Nero wants to do another Western, doesn’t he?

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yeah that’s the Castellari western that Castellari and Nero talk about on the Koch Media DVDs.

here’s a babelfish translation:

“The implacable ones. The angel, the ugly one, the test” are the title temporary it of the segnera western that in the 2006 attivita’ of Black Franc. A homage that dedicates to John Huston and Sergio Lion, two monster sacred of the cinema of field for a engagement that follows that one of ’ Forever blues’, of which and author, producer, director and interpreter and that it has marked the Goats Hollywood Kimbo Festival Film. The film, after the happened one collected to the two previews Americans, would have to disembark in Italy to February."


“The implacable ones. The angel, the ugly one, the test this the title temporary it of the western that Frank Black he will interpret in the new year, for the direction of Enzo Castellari. As it has declared the actor, host of Goats, Hollywood, draft of a homage to John Huston and Sergio Lion. This engagement follows that one of Forever blues, of which he is author, producer, director and introduced interpreter and to the festival of Goats. The film, after the happened one collected to the two previews Americans, would have to exit in knows them Italian to February, distributed from the institute Light.”

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What a great news!

Franco in a western…

Django is not dead he move again!

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Found some more info


A senator in race for the White House has need of carrying out a campain promise in order to win. He decides that the exemplary gesture will be the murder of an Indian, Tawanka. And therefore he hires a policeman, Pinterton, in order to re-unite 3 jackals to capture the Indian.

During the search, Pinterton will discover that the Indian has gone to die in his ancestral lands. The Youngest of the three jackals, goes native, and will remain living in the land of the Indians.


If you go to the web page and click on Film Cosari you’ll get a telephone # now if only I could speak Italian, lol.

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And the best that I can translate it :wink:

The Journal.It
20/1/06 page21

The Spaghetti Western returns but with State Monies
By Michele Anselmi

More than 3 Million Euros assigned the film with Franco Nero: grandfathered from the old laws for financing “cinema d’autore� first ciak in March.

Michele Anselmi


Teorizzavano: Enough of artsy fartsy “three rooms & a kitchenâ€? cinema, time to return to the genre of “popular cinemaâ€?. And what is this, if not the Western, with or without spaghetti. It was therefore that the, 17 June 2003 prodigal ministerial commission person in charge to choose decided films “of national cultural interest” that “The Implacable Onesâ€? re-entered in the category, entirely to the detriment, of two small women, a musical comedy, the Love story, and a history of Anita Garibaldi.

Three years have passed, the law fortunately is changed with the introduction of the reference-system, the amounts of money are diminished in order to avoid speculation, the experts of that commission have left the place to other experts (hopefully themselves stricter) and the popular “genres” do not seem to fare well. But “The Implacable Onesâ€? of Enzo G. Castellari, starring Franco Nero will be made however. At least therefore it was announced by the 64 year old actor, in an interview to the Capri Journal.

At this hour it makes the actor very happy, from his point of view, to see the progress in the long brooded plan: he was in Django for Sergio Corbucci and Keoma for the same Castellari, an authority in fact of italico western, he even threatened to chain himself to the Center of the Ministry to the Cultural Assets, to the Times of the city, if the film had not had the ok.

In the end, in the project suffered passage between old and new rules, The Implacable Ones has endured some adjustments to the budget (less 20%) and a change of productive titles (from the Mariella brace Them Sacchi & Amedeo Joy to the Medicei Arsenals), but it cannot complain: to 3 million and 100mila euro it piles the public financing, although subordinated to the European finding of partner for an other 50%. And in fact, between English, French and Spanish (more Euroimage with approximately 700mila euro), a considerable figure of nearly 8 million euro would have to be caught up.

To being, in order to respect the terms of law, the resumptions would be due to begin within 16 December 2005. It turns out instead that they have been working in studio only with the sequences without actors, in “blue screen”, and to use them with montages; and in fact, correctly, Nero has explained that “the first one ciak is to be previewed within two months”, that is in March, in Almeria, to complete the casting. This happens in the cinema, and it is not too scandalous.
In the meantime, The Implacable Ones, also be called The Bad Landers, has assumed the “Leonesqueâ€? subtitled “the Angel, the Bruto and the Test”: They would be three adventurers without scruples, working for an American Senator in an attempt to gain popularity in an upcoming election, by capturing an bloody-thirsty Indian warrior Tawanka, similar to Geronimo: but in truth the warrior has decided to go to die in peace in the land of his ancestors. Nero speaks of the film as a homage to Sergio Leone and John Huston, but it also references the glorious memory of the The Professionals of Richard Brooks, where a “quartoâ€? (four) of bounty-killers find themselves chasing a wild Mexican outlaw who is mistakenly believed to have kidnapped a woman.

Here, is the latest scoop, the three “jackals” will be played by Franco Nero, Keith Carradine and Christopher Lambert, while the Indian Tawanka could be Rodney A.Grant, who played Wind In His Hair in “Dances With Wolves.â€? Over the course of the months, illustrious names that also’ were floated about, went from Liam Neeson to Ethan Hawke, Jon Voight to Nick Nolte, have come less. This is to be expected when casting a counter-current film.

But, it is asked by us: does it make sense that the State, with this generous financing, ascribe to the category of the “author cinemaâ€?, The Implacable Ones? From “I go, I kill it and I Returnâ€? of 1967 to “Jonathan of the Bearsâ€? of the ’ 95, Castellari has known to construct one sturdy career, being a craftsman of a sure cinema of action, able to finance itself by the resources of the market. Today, instead, for a western – albeit a politically correct one, from the part of the Indians - the public participation is asked. You would have to reflect, of other part, the fact that between 2003 and the 2004 Americans have tried to revive the genre with “Open Rangeâ€?, “Hidalgoâ€?, “Cold Mountainâ€? and “The Missing.â€? With the likes of Kevin Costner, Viggo Mortensen, Jude Law and Nicole Kidman, cineasti the likes of Ron Howard and Anthony Minghella are engaged in the operation revival to you, with outcomes of the box office most disastrous. Indeed, implacable. © EUROPEAN EDITION SOCIETY SPA - Via G. Negri 4 - 20123 Milan

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i really hope the film will be made. damn, that would be so cool

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Has anyone heard any news about this lately? Some time ago it was listed in imdb as post-production project but now it’s gone.

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Found something on the Italian webcowboy. blogspot.com ; the news is dated 29 March 2007 (so already middle-aged) and is titled: FRANCO NERO TORNA AL WESTERN CON CASTELLARI / Franco Nero turns back to the western with Castellari.
Franco talks about the project, admits that there have been rumours for years and that there still are financial problems. He ends with the words ‘let’s hope it’ll turn out well in the end’.
Don’t have much time today, could translate the rest of the article in the course of the week if nobody comes up with more recent news. Maybe Chris, he knows Castellari.

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Just found a video message for Nero and Castellari on You Tube.

It’s called: Gli Implacabili - in bocca al lupo a Franco Nero e Castellari
(Just enter ‘Castellari’, it’s on the first page)

Already made a quick translation of it.

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The last time I spoke with Enzo (which was in August) he told me that the film was still in the planning stages and that he had no clear idea about when the actual production would begin.

Enzo has been teaching film classes at the University in Alicante, Spain for the past year.

I do have some insight as to another Western project which may, or may not, star Franco Nero—but, I can’t say anymore about that, at this time. As soon as I have received the “all clear” to speak about it…rest assured…I will let everyone know!

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@Bill @Chris
Found on the official italian Spaghetti Western Database, an interview with Franco Nero on (I think) Rome Airport.

The Internet adress is: www.spaghettiwestern.altervista.org/
Click on ENTRA, there is a thumb and and a text, in which the plans for the film are discussed.

And Chris, I know it’s not necessary for someone who is nearly fluent in the borderline Spanish they speak halfway between Nowhere and Not Much Else (around San Diego that is, did you pick up your farsi there too?), but for all others: Franco (who’s in great shape, by the way) tells the reporter that he went to Germany to negociate with a producer and that all is going well. The Almeria locations have already been chosen, so it seems all is going to be fine.

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I won’t believe this film is in the can until I see it on DVD or at a theater. This film has kicked around for what seems like a decade with false starts every year. I can’t believe with the so-called revival of the western that they can’t get production money and a big name cast.

As Chris says Enzo was teaching college film classes in Spain this past summer and you’d think they would have gone right into production this fall but still no new word on them getting started. Keep your fingers crossed but I wouldn’t count on them ever making it.

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Well, no news about this one, but my favourite Italian site has an item on another brand new spaghetti western. It is set in the snow (where did they get that crazy idea?) and it has already been made but the makers are still searching for a distributor: