Giovanni Cianfriglia (Ken Wood)

Hey, on the new Wild East DVD Kill Them All And Come Back Alone there is an interview with Giovanni Cianfriglia.
It’s really great. It’s about 45 minutes long.
I remembered him from his appearace in L’America A Roma. He is very interesting.
Of all the many stars he discusses working with the one he seems to care the least for is Anthoney Steffen. He is not too kind. He’s even a little snarky about him.
He also mentions Frank Wolff. He suggests that Wolff killed himself because he may have been impotent!
Lots of good stuff for Spaghetti fans.

Hey, Wild East calls him GianFranco Cianfriglia in the graphics that start the interview. This is a mistake right? Or are Giovanni and GianFranco interchangeable names in Italy?

So, since xploited is going out of business I have been getting some stuff that I am afraid I’ll never have access to again if I don’t get it now.

Yesterday I got DENN SIE KENNEN KEIN ERBARMEN - DER ITALOWESTERN in the mail. I bought it with some reservations because of some negative comments about it on the forum and because it is in German-only and I would basically be getting it only for the visuals.

I watched about the first 30 minutes of it last night.

There was one scene alone that was worth the price of the disc: Giovanni Cianfriglia (in this film aged 70!) demonstrates how he can still perform stunts by pretending to be shot while standing atop a bus and falling from a drop off of about 10-12 feet. Man! What a guy! What a Pro! I broke a bone just watching.
Also, he teams with Mimmo Palmara (Dick Palmer) to show/demonstrate how they learned to sword fight for acting/performing stunts in Sword and Sandal flicks.

I think my favorite Ken Wood performance is as Ramirez in Killer Kid.

Doesn’t anybody have any love for this great, great Spaghetti contributor ?

I like him aswell, and like you again Killer Kid is the best role I have seen him in so far…a mean dude.

After seeing the interview on him, he kinda seemed like and asshole.

I’ve watched this interview with Ken Wood. It was peculiar - he is telling stories about directors and actors he had worked with, and he is all carefree “oh, he was very nice, great actor”, and then he says some tattle about each of them. So, according to him, Anthony Steffen was bighead, Tomas Milian was gay, Lee Van Cleef was drunkard, Frank Wolff shot himself because (maybe) he was impotent, Ty Hardin’s wife was slut, Corbucci was cheapskate, etc.

He was from Rome, if I’m not mistaken, from a blue collar neighborhood. People like Cianfriglia look up to the stars and envy them, they have to work hard for little money while the stars do little for a lot of money, and per consequence they also look down on them, despise them.

Makes more sense now why Mr Wood thinks like he does.