Gillo Pontecorvo's QUEIMADA (1969)

MGM released the 112 minute version BURN! in the USA, UK and Japan.
I would like to see the uncut epic said to last 138 minutes or thereabouts.
Does anyone know if the uncut epic has been released to DVD somewhere in the world?


The 129 minutes (124 PAL) version released years ago in Italy by CDE/Eagle is assumed to be uncut.

Damn, I’d like to watch this great movie in an uncut version as well.
Very good film.
(Marlon Brando even said Pontecorvo was one of the most talented directors he had ever cooperated with). Definitely worth a look.

Do you have a link to where it can be bought?


The disc is out of print: naturally you can try a web search, but keep in mind that as far as I know there are no English subtitles.

Also, Brando is great in this so you don’t want to have him dubbed either.

A fully restored version was given a limited theatrical release in the US several years back just after Brando’s death. It was an Italian dub with english subs but was never released on DVD.

This would be a good one for Criterion to resurrect seeing as they did such a good restoration of The Battle of Algiers.

Yes, and I missed that limited re-release.
I thought the European restoration might have found its way onto DVD or Blu-ray by now.
One can grow a long grey beard, die and be reincarnated waiting for Criterion.
They’ve been holding onto RIDE IN THE WHIRLWIND and THE SHOOTING for six or seven years.
Criterion discriminates against westerns, in any case.

I’d rather see Wild East bring out QUEIMADA.
But probably MGM has the USA distribution rights tied up and no interest in releasing a restoration while their old DVD is still in plentiful supply.