Gianni Garko, highest paid actor in Europe?

Was watching I AM SARTANA, YOUR ANGEL OF DEATH on youtube just now.
A poster made an interesting comment, “Gianni garko was once the most highest paid actor in Europe”.
I somehow doubt that. And if so, it must’ve been for a VERY brief period in time.
Can anybody confirm?

post is below in the comment section—

That has to be false. He could have been the highest paid actor in spaghetti westerns at one point perhaps but doubt that he was ever the highest paid actor even in Italy at any point.

“Gianni Garko was signed for 2 million Lire for this movie, but was soon able to ask 20 million for the same part in the sequels. Don’t get too excited, this was still only $ 200,000. In Italy, in those days, nearly everybody was a millionaire.”

From my review of the first Sartana:,_pray_for_your_Death_Review