Gialloesque Spaghetti Westerns

I hope nobody minds me starting so many topics. It is not an ego thing I just have many questions. Anyway, the idea of mixing Italian giallos and Spaghettis sounds interesting to me. I have never seen a giallo so I can’t give examples. What are these types of spaghettis like? What are some? What is giallo about them?

Not sure really… I guess you could try Killer Adios. It a little gialloesque being more of a murder/mystery type film rather than a straightforward western, with a handful of shifty suspects/red herrings and a clue in the form of a particular type of rifle that keeps popping up…

Bill San Antonio said the same thing about Killer Adios.

Well, there ya go. That’s one recommendation at least :wink: You should check it out, it’s really not a bad little film.

I dont have a reccomendations but the idea of genre mixing westerns in a topic Ive thought about a number of times.

The reason for this is I often hear people comment on how the western is a very limited genre but if you think about it almost any “genre” can be trasported to the west. Name any film in any genre and chances are you can adapt it into a western one way or another.

There is of course also the first few minutes of Price of Death featuring a girl being killed by a (blackgloved? Don’t remember) person wielding a knife. The whole thing filmed from the killers point of view. Pure giallo. The rest of the movie is standard fare though.

Yes, Price of Death definitely has a Gialloesque element to it. The opening scene Soren mentions is very much in that style and we don’t find out who the killer is until the end. By the way, I checked, no black glove unfortunately.

Ha! I was about to start similar topic yesterday but I was too lazy…

Price of Death is one which is usually categorized as a giallo-western but I wasn’t that thrilled about it. There’s the gloved killer in the beginning, otherwise there’s not so much giallo influence.

Then I can think of at least two “detective westerns”, Killer Adios and Killer Caliber 32. But “In the Name of the Father, the son and the Colt” which I saw recently has been the most giallo-like sw I’ve seen. There’s odd villain wearing leather mask and black cape, there’s a murder in giallo style (you can see black gloves of the killer), Craig Hill even has a double role of a sheriff and his evil brother to mix the plot.

“In the Name of the Father, the son and the Colt”

Sounds good…is it?

[quote=“Goodfella, post:9, topic:1342”]Sounds good…is it?[/quote]It has potential but the directing and cinematography is awful.

Thats too bad.

Even had a cool title.

Captain Apache :wink:

Would anybody call Shoot the Living, Pray for the dead a Giallo esque SPW? Has a very thriller type aspect to it.

[quote=“korano, post:13, topic:1342”]Would anybody call Shoot the Living, Pray for the dead a Giallo esque SPW? Has a very thriller type aspect to it.[/quote]No, I don’t think so. Giallos are more about who-dunnit-mysteries, masked killers, strange characters… Actually if you’re new to genre I suggest you to get a hold of a Mondo Macabro’s “Killer Must Kill Again” or “Death Walks at Midnight” dvd, they both have a nice short documentary about gialli as an extra feature. And both are damn good movies.

Yea, Giallos are all about POV shots, elaberate set pieces, masked(or cloaked)) killers with black gloves, and twisty whodunit plots…

Kill the Poker Player is one with giallo (or detective) elements too.

Some Giallo like scenes in Death Played The Flute:

Well, if by GIALLOESQUE you’ve meant ‘black-gloved killings’, other western fans posting before me have already helped.
If you used the term in a much broader sense, as in “Aura of dread and suspense and bloody murders/torture”, than, I’d like to add DJANGO IL BASTARDO, DEATH RIDES A HORSE and IL GRANDE SILENZIO.

Django The Bastard is some kind of Horror/Western/Gothic film, Death Rides A Horse is (at least to me) a very typical and The Great Silence is gothic but not so Gialloesque. But that’s my opinion ;).

I’m surprised nobody has mentioned The Moment to Kill; for my money, this great little film is the prototypical giallo hybrid, both visually and thematically (think of all those “inheritance-plot” gialli).