Giallo poll

Best: Deep Red
Worst: None
Over: The Bird With The Crystal Plumage
Under: Puzzle

Will update.

Best: Tenebre
Worst: Welcome to Spring Break
Overrated: Torso
Underrated: Death Walks at Midnight or Bloodstained Butterfly

sorry about three out of the four being Argento but there you go :wink:

I haven’t seen enough giallos to really produce an educated opinion but…

Best (Favorite): Phenomena
Worst (Least favorite): Short Night of the Glass Dolls
Overrated: Lizard in Woman’s Skin
Underrated: Phenomena

Favourite: House with Laughing Windows, Deep Red
Least Favourite: Trauma
Overrated: Lizard in a Woman’s Skin (doesn’t mean I don’t like it)
Underrated: Seven Note in Black, Solange

Best: Tenebre
Worst: none
Overrated: Torso
Underrated: House with Laughing Windows

Favourite: Deep Red
Least Favourite: Eyeball
Overrated: Tenebre
Underrated: The Bloodstained Shadow, Seven Notes In Black, Puzzle

Favorite: Tenebre, Deep Red
Least favorite: probably French Sex Murders
Overrated: don’t know if it’s widely praised but let’s say Bay of Blood
Underrated: Giallo a Venezia :stuck_out_tongue:

That one is widely hated :wink: (not by me, I haven’t seen it).

Best: Bird With the Crystal Plumage/Tenebre
Worst: Plot of Fear (still ok film)
Over: Deep Red
Under: Death in Haiti

Look, another giallo thread, let me raise it from the grave.

Best: At the top I have Lizard in a woman’s skin and Perfume of the lady in black
Worst: Sister of Ursula is at the bottom
Overrated: I usually find Argento’s which people consider great a bit overrated. But I’ll go with Bava’s 5 dolls for August moon
Underrated: I usually find Argento’s which people consider bad a bit underrated. But I’ll go with La ragazza dal pigiama giallo.

Favourite: The Bird with the Crystal Plumage

Least favourite: Killer Nun

Overrated: Don’t Torture a Duckling

Underrated: Torso & Watch me When I Kill

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