Get mean- the stranger gets mean

Oct. 11 GET MEAN update. The deal didn’t work out with Jody Klein. I just did a deal for Germany with Koch Media. We are planning a new DVD with bonus footage, interviews and images. With the American Film Market coming soon, I hope to have new territories open for distribution of the DVD. One of these days it will be on TV as well.
Further… I originally called the film BEAT A DEAD HORSE, as getting it done was the same as beating a dead horse. ( 2 of the people that helped get the film done were murdered soon thereafter --nothing to do with the film–just other circumstances!!) After the film was completed we named it GET MEAN for release. (Tony was hoping to take the STRANGER character to other times and places to try and revive and keep alive the spaghetti western genre.) Quite a few years ago, Tony told me to change the name of the film to THE STRANGER GETS MEAN, as he felt his fans didn’t realize it was The Stranger character in this film as well. It turned out to be the last in the Tony Anthony Stranger series.
I also worked with Tony on THE SILENT STRANGER–an experience that ranks with those other events that are hell when you are in them but a great story years later. Inserted is a picture of Tony, Vanzi, our stuntmen and me…for the fans…

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