Get Mean (Ferdinando Baldi, 1975)

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[quote=“Col. Douglas Mortimer, post:37, topic:1356”]I think I’ll watch Silent stranger tonight!
And yes, I think I got Get Mean and Comin at ya mixed up in terms of box office. It says in imdb 12 million, but I think it might’ve grossed more according to Western All’italiana. Is Stranger gets mean considered an official stranger movie now that Tony himself has approved the name change?[/quote]

I was always under the impression that it was part of the series.

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It’s obviously a 4th Stranger entry.

Calling him The Stranger was at least an invention of the US distributor, but by the 3rd entry also the italian title used the name.
The 1st 3 are also connected by the same director.

Anthony himself said that Get Mean was planned to be the 1st of a series of Stranger films with the character acting in different environments or genres.

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Thats interesting. So I guess it is official. I just thought without MGM, Luigi Vanzi and Allan Klein it wouldn’t be considered official.

I"m pretty sure that Tony doesn’t get a single cent in residuals for the alfa digital release of the first two stranger films. If he can release a dvd or dvd r of the other stranger films I would be happy to purchase them as well. Its only fair that he gets his fair share of financial credit for HIS films.

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Correct. Any release of any of Anthony’s westerns (besides the awful Rhino dvd of COMIN’ AT YA!) were without his consent. He hasn’t seen a cent from the Japanese company that put out Blindman, nor was he even aware of eyecatcher’s so called “UNCUT DVD” of SILENT STRANGER.

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Does that include the Koch Media release of Blindman too?

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Hi YourPallbearer! Can you ask Mr. Anthony if Raf Baldassarre actually is in The Silent Stranger? Wich scene? and the name of the little Japanese actress? Thanks and give him greetings from Argentina… The Silent Stranger is my 2nd favorite movie of all times!!!

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Forgive me, no.
By any chance can somebody upload a frame of Mr. Anthony from that dvds special features?
He did do an interview for that one didn’t he?

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I’ve had the same trouble as you. At first I thought he was one of the three bandits at the beginning but none of them look like Raf.
My theory is his scene is in the uncut version.

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[quote=“YourPallbearer, post:44, topic:1356”]Forgive me, no.
By any chance can somebody upload a frame of Mr. Anthony from that dvds special features?
He did do an interview for that one didn’t he?[/quote]

I’ve got this one but haven’t watched it yet. Dug it out but the special features were trailers, a slideshow and a Baldi interview…

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If Mr. Anthony is willing to release dvd’s or dvdrs of all of his movies under his own authorization I will be more than willing to purchase all of his movies, and I"m sure others on this board feel the same.

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Seconded. If he doesn’t know already, make sure he knows of his fan base. His contribution to this genre is like Martin Scorsese’s to the gangster genre.

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[quote=“YourPallbearer, post:44, topic:1356”]Forgive me, no.
By any chance can somebody upload a frame of Mr. Anthony from that dvds special features?
He did do an interview for that one didn’t he?[/quote]

No, definitely only an interview with Baldi on this release.

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Odd, could have sworn I’ve heard of a Anthony interview somewhere…

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There’s one I’ve seen on a japanese disc. SPO I think.

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can anybody say something about this version?
I have a vhs ripp, fullscreen. it’s ok, but I would prefer a better one.
and maybe my version is cut - I can’t remember the rutime.

of course it’s the worst of the Stranger films, but it’s a big fun. Tony Anthony is so cool.
furthermore is the Stranger - specially “the stranger in town” - the reason/activator of my SW-fever.

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I just saw this and all I can say is wow. If there was ever a movie that didn’t make any sense it was this one. Easily the weakest of the stranger films (which still makes it pretty good since the other 3 stranger films are bonafide classics!) and at the same time had the biggest production values. This is probably the most hilarious of the series too. Not exactly an oscar winner but good fun. I’d give it a solid 5 out of 10.

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Italian/American co-production.

Anybody ever come across it?
Links. Want to trade.

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the most craziest spaghetti ever made! stranger vs barbarians?? it looks very expensive movie
i have sceen some scenes and the trailer not the movie but i thing there will be
in my collection forever! i loved explosions in spaghettis and this look like it has a lot of this stuff

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coming from koch media? cool!

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Oct. 11 GET MEAN update. The deal didn’t work out with Jody Klein. I just did a deal for Germany with Koch Media. We are planning a new DVD with bonus footage, interviews and images. With the American Film Market coming soon, I hope to have new territories open for distribution of the DVD. One of these days it will be on TV as well.
Further… I originally called the film BEAT A DEAD HORSE, as getting it done was the same as beating a dead horse. ( 2 of the people that helped get the film done were murdered soon thereafter --nothing to do with the film–just other circumstances!!) After the film was completed we named it GET MEAN for release. (Tony was hoping to take the STRANGER character to other times and places to try and revive and keep alive the spaghetti western genre.) Quite a few years ago, Tony told me to change the name of the film to THE STRANGER GETS MEAN, as he felt his fans didn’t realize it was The Stranger character in this film as well. It turned out to be the last in the Tony Anthony Stranger series.
I also worked with Tony on THE SILENT STRANGER–an experience that ranks with those other events that are hell when you are in them but a great story years later. Inserted is a picture of Tony, Vanzi, our stuntmen and me…for the fans…