George Hilton....its your Birthday HAPPY 72ND

                                                                                                                                                                                                            From What I have seen I really like George Hiltons SW'S such as Fistfull of Lead,Any Gun can Play and Bul

et for Sandoval, he always reminds me of a combination of Clint Eastwood and Humprey Bogart, what are everybodies opinions on his other SW’S and which ones should I look for…any advice would be welcome!

Van James

They Call Him Hallelujah is worth a look. It’s the one with the interesting sewing machine!

My favorite Hilton movie is ‘Il momento di uccidere’ also featuring Horst Frank. Great score by Francesco de Masi with the song ‘Walk by my side’ performed by Raoul (I think !?) !!!

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my mind has gone blank!!!

what’s the one where he has a sewing machine that’s a machine gun, it’s great!

‘Testa t’ammazo, croce … sei morto, mi chiamano Alleluja’

(Heads I kill you, tails you’re dead ! They call me Halleluja)

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